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In this game you'll be playing the role of a slime father looking for hist lost slime son (we stole Fallout 4's plot. Yes, it has one). Get out of your test tube and go look for your child as you bounce through stages filled with puzzling and deadly hazards. 

Use carefully all of your slimy skills, such as shrinking or growing in size and bouncing off walls and ceilings (those are all of your slimy skills actually). 

Good luck using your pro-gaming skills trying to discover the commands... or just read them listed below:
- WASD/Arrow keys: movement
- Space: jump (from every surface, you're a slime after all)
- Click/Ctrl: drop a part of your gelatinous body and instantly lose weight. Don't worry, you can pick them up again or look for spare slime on test tubes.
- R: restart the stage.

Made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 43

Made by Magical Dog Entertainment Team



Rodrigo Andrade - Twitter

Game Design

Diego Manarim - Portfolio, Twitter


Adriano Veríssimo - Portfolio, Twitter, LinkedIn

Assets Credits


Andrea Carvalho - Portfolio

Assets: stage music

Filipe Augusto - Portfolio

Assets: losing SFX, jump SFX


Slimeling-Ludum-Dare_43.zip 16 MB

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